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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Probability Samples vs. Volunteer Respondents in Internet Research: Defining Potential Effects on Data and Decision-Making in Marketing Applications
Year 2004
Access date 11.05.2004
Abstract As use of the Internet for commercial research grows, so too does the need for a deeper understanding of the medium’s unique methodological challenges. One key area that has received little attention is sample source – the fact that most Web-based research utilizes “volunteer” groups rather than probability samples. While such groups can be used effectively for certain types of studies, treating them as equivalent to population-projectable samples can produce misunderstandings – and, potentially, mistaken business decisions. Pineau and Slotwiner review the potential sources of survey error in Internet research and provide case studies showing that, compared to conventional RDD samples, volunteer Web groups produce study outcomes that are substantially different – and would likely lead to different business decisions if not viewed in the proper context.
Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars

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