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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Effective Use of the Internet for Survey Research
Source Wirthlin Worldwide
Year 2001
Access date 12.05.2004
Abstract The Internet continues to evolve at a phenomenal rate. Each day, new e-businesses have IPOs, more people sign on and become users, and e-commerce is becoming as acceptable as catalog shopping. More than half of American homes now have personal computers, and 60 percent of those homes are connected to the Internet.All of these trends are good news for the survey research industry. First, this creates new business opportunities as our clients have new research needs. They're asking, can you find out who is using our site and what they're doing here? Can you evaluate how we stack up to our competitors' sites? How do we best communicate our brand on the Web? What does our Web presence contribute to our brand? And so on.
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Year of publication2001
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