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Title Attitudes toward Internet Privacy: Slovenian Internet users's view
Year 2002
Access date 12.05.2004
Abstract The threats to the privacy increased in seventies with emergency of information and communication technologies. As found in Privacy & Human Rights 1999 report, privacy is threatened by three important trends: globalisation, convergence among technologies and multi-media. Internet is ideal environment for surveillance, which can be done by state authorities or employers, for marketing purposes or for criminal purposes. One of the key features of contemporary society is organisation, and organisation is tightly linked with surveillance. But privacy is one of the basic values of contemporary society on the other hand. This dichotomy is for us the main reason to analyse the attitudes of slovenian active internet users towards privacy, which is measured with several indicators. In the paper we present a set of indicators which are contiguous to privacy issues: attitude towards privacy, security culture including using antivirus tools and mode of response to unknown or suspicious e-mails and "visit link" invitations, well-knowing of data security systems and some indicators, measuring problems of privacy in the area of electronic commerce.
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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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