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Title From paper to pixels: Moving personnel surveys to the Web
Author Thompson, L. F., Surface, E. A., Martin, D. L., Sanders, M. G.
Source Personnel Psychology, 56, 1, pp. 197-228
Year 2003
Database ProQuest
Access date 17.05.2004
Abstract Practitioners are not adequately prepared to handle concerns related to the acceptability of the online survey medium from the worker’s viewpoint because the literature has only begun to address this issue. This study assessed reactions to Web-based questionnaires while moving an organization’s climate survey online. Initial questions, posed via a paper-and-pencil instrument, gathered opinions concerning online surveys . A Web-based climate survey was then created and piloted. Afterwards, the finalized instrument was administered, and a follow-up questionnaire was disseminated to further gauge workers’ reactions. Despite some initial anonymity concerns, most personnel were amenable to online surveying, and the Web-based medium did not appear to discourage participation from any subgroup. This article, which is intended for practitioners considering the transition to Web-based surveys as well as those interested in evaluating and improving current Web-based survey processes, outlines issues regarding online survey implementation, offers a tool for evaluating survey software, and concludes with lessons learned and avenues for future research/practice.
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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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