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Title Offline rekrutierte Access Panels: Königsweg der Online-Forschung?
Author Faas, T.
Source ZUMA - Nachrichten, 53, pp. 58-76
Year 2003
Access date 20.06.2005
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Abstract The article discusses whether online access panels whose members were pre-recruited in offline surveys can yield representative results. In an ideal world of sampling, this should be the case. Two surveys are compared to test this proposition. One was based on an online access panel, the other – conducted at the same time – was a representative survey of the German population. Only Internet users were taken from the second survey to make comparison possible. Both samples should arguably be representative for German Internet users. However, the data show that the two surveys differ considerably. Differences were found for sociodemographic variables, for questions on Internet usage and also for political attitudes. The results indicate that online surveys based on access panels do not necessarily yield representative results for all Internet users, a fact that considerably affects their power for academic analysis (and beyond).
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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeJournal article