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Title The WWW as a research medium: An illustrative survey on paranormal belief
Author Goeritz, A., Schumacher, J.
Source Perceptual and Motor Skills, 90, pp. 1195-1206
Year 2000
Access date 21.06.2005
Abstract Data collected with a short World Wide Web (WWW) survey on paranormal belief, age, sex, locus of control, extraversion, emotional and physical well-being, and mood were compared with findings from recent literature while controlling for effects of self-selection. Each variable was measured with one item. The sample comprised 342 women, 648 men, and 8 participants of unknown sex, of whom 76.7% were self-selected and 23.3% did not select themselves. There was a weak but, given the large sample, significant effect of self-selection regarding paranormal belief (rpb 932 = .08) but no relationships for paranormal belief and the examined variables. In the entire sample, statistically significant correlations ranging from .13 to .07 between paranormal belief and female sex, scores on external locus of control, good mood, extraversion, and emotional well-being corresponded with previous offline results.
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Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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