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Title Collecting Data on Ego-Centered Social Networks on the Web
Year 2003
Access date 18.05.2004
Abstract Owing to complex structure of questionnaires on ego-centered social networks interviewer assisted data collection modes are usually used. Web surveys, on the other hand, are offering variety of efficient solutions with sophisticated questionnaire interfaces and time-and-cost effectiveness. As shown in our experiments, single name generators for evaluating ego-centered networks can be effectively applied also within Web surveys, but visual elements of the measurement instrument have to be designed very carefully. In this study several experiments with varying instructions for name generators and space provided for listing alters were applied within Web questionnaire. Visual characteristics of measurement instrument and effects of experimental instructions on number of listed alters and composition of the network as well as dropout rate, one of the main concerns of self-administered data collection modes, were studied. For collecting the data on alters two different techniques for assessing name interpreters were applied: alter-vise (complete information on name interpreters is obtained for each alter separately and the variable context is changing) and variable-vise (complete information on name interpreters is obtained for each variable and the alter context is changing).
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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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