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Title The Quality of Survey Questions Published on Slovenian Journalistic Websites
Year 2005
Access date 12.10.2005
Abstract Media websites regularly publish survey questions on current public opinion issues. The goal of these polls is primarily to entertain the visitors and increase the number of visits. However, these survey questions and offered responses may also somehow shape public awareness and opinion. Therefore, the quality of these survey questions (from the substantive and design point of view) is not to be neglected. We propose to study the quality of survey questions published on Slovenian journalistic websites. We analyze samples of survey questions and answers from several Slovenian journalistic Web sites. The quality of the analyzed survey questions and answers is evaluated using expert evaluation scheme (Designing questionnaires: Checklist. SCB, Statistics Sweden) as one of qualitative methods for evaluating quality of survey questions. The most striking deficiencies of both survey questions and answers are presented and described. We show that the quality of these questions is often low in comparison to professional survey questions used in social science research.
Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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