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Title Methodological Issues in Mobile Phone Surveys
Year 2003
Access date 18.05.2004
Abstract The methodological issues of mobile phone surveys are becoming increasingly problematic. The share of mobile-only households (with no fixed telephone line) is steadily growing and it has already exceeded 20% in some European countries. It thus seems that fixed telephone surveys will no longer provide representative samples of general population. However, the costs of mobile phone surveys are much higher and the response rates also seem to be lower compared to the fixed telephone surveys. The paper first overviews the status of mobile phone interview surveys across different countries. Next, the issues of self-administered mobile phone surveys are discussed. Finally, a fresh Slovenian mobile phone research study is presented to illustrate the contact and cooperation problems with mobile phone surveys. The study basically confirmed a whole array of disadvantages of mobile phone surveys. It also revealed considerable national specifics.
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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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