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Title Does ‘Yes or No‘ on the Telephone Mean the Same as ‘Check-all-that-apply’ on the Web?
Year 2006
Access date 08.01.2006

Telephone researchers customarily convert check-all-that-apply questions to a series of forced-choice items to facilitate the telephone surveying process. However, the effects of this practice on respondent answers have not been systematically examined. We report the results of several experiments comparing the forced-choice and check-all question formats across web and telephone modes to determine whether responses are influenced by question format and/or survey mode. The findings indicate the forced-choice format on the phone produces a higher mean number of options marked affirmatively than the check-all format on the web and that using the forced-choice format across modes results in less variation in the number of items endorsed. Additional analyses of question type suggest responses to opinion/attitude questions, when compared to behavioral/factual questions, are more prone to format and mode effects.

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Year of publication2006
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations