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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Mixed Mode Surveying: A Comparison of Paper-questionnaries and Web-questionnariess
Author Bäckström, C., Nilsson, C.
Source Mid Sweden University
Year 2002
Access date 29.01.2006
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Abstract The purpose with our thesis is to compare traditional paper questionnaires and Web questionnaires. A problem with mixed mode surveys, comparing telephone interviews and web surveys, has been that the diverse methods have generated different answers. We assumed that the same differences could appear when comparing paper- and web-questionnaires. To investigate this we have conducted a paper- and a web- questionnaire, involving 80 respondents. To test our collected data we have used a Test of Homogenity- Pearson’s Chi square test (X²). The result of our study indicates that there are differences between the two methods. The most prominent finding is that there is a major difference between genders when answering the webquestionnaire. This difference was not found in the paper- questionnaire.
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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars

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