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Title A Test of a Bimodal Survey Model on the Cooperative Communicators Association: A case Study
Author Brashears, T., Bullock, S., Akers, C.
Source Texas Tech University, Department of Agricultural Education And Communications
Year 2003
Access date 08.02.2006
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Abstract Three hundred twenty-three members of the Cooperative Communicators Association were surveyed on educational preferences using a bimodal survey model recommend by Fraze, Hardin, Brashears, Smith, and Lockaby (2002). This model uses a combination of e-mail and paper contacts to encourage respondents to answer an online or paper questionnaire. Case study analysis was conducted to determine response rates, cost effectiveness, precision, and nonresponse error. An overall response rate of more than 71% resulted from use of the 25-day model. The researchers found that significant differences in item responses existed between respondents who used the World Wide Web and those who responded using traditional paper surveys, however the results of respondents were consistent with a random sample of nonrespondents; therefore, the researchers concluded that the results were an accurate representation of the population. Using the bimodal model was 74% less expensive than traditional methods of survey implementation. The bimodal model proved to be an effective, cost-controlling alternative to traditional survey methods for this population. The researchers suggest trials on other populations to validate the results reported here.
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Year of publication2003
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