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Title July 2002 Status of Forces Survey of Active-Duty Members: Tabulations of Responses
Year 2002
Access date 08.02.2006
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Abstract The Human Resources Strategic Assessment Program (HRSAP), located at Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), consists of both Web-based and paper-andpencil surveys to support the personnel information needs of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. These surveys assess the attitudes and opinions of the entire Department of Defense (DoD) community—active, Reserve, civilian employees, and family members—on a wide range of personnel issues. The Web-based survey program, known as the Status of Forces Surveys (SOFS), provides timely data on active, Reserve, and civilian members. The SOFS Web surveys are short and limited to a few topics. There are nine SOFS Web surveys a year, with three cross-sectional samples of each population—active-duty members, Reserve component members, and DoD civilian employees. The paper-and-pencil surveys are used to obtain data on sensitive topics (e.g., sexual harassment) and from populations who have limited Internet access (e.g., spouses of active and Reserve members). This report contains tabulations of responses from the first active-duty SOFS Web survey, conducted July 8 to August 13, 2002. This introduction (1) summarizes the survey content, (2) defines the total population surveyed and the subgroups used in tabulations of responses, (3) summarizes the survey methodology,1 and (4) provides details on how to use the tabulations. The tabulations and a copy of the survey follow this introduction.
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Year of publication2002
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