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Title Electronic Surveys: A Comparison of E-mail, Web and Mail
Author Smee, A., Brennan, M.
Source ANZMAC 2000 Visionary Marketing for the 21st Century: Facing the Challenge
Year 2000
Access date 22.02.2006
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Abstract The phenomenal growth of the Internet and World Wide Web means this electronic medium offers great potential as a survey research vehicle. This study compares the use of both e-mail and web based surveys with mail, with respect to response rate, speed of response and data quality. As expected, the electronic surveys produced much faster responses, but not necessarily higher response rates. Indeed while one form of Web-based survey produced response rate of 61%, the response rate for the e-mail survey was only 13%. The Web-based surveys also produced much higher non-completion rates than did the mail survey.
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Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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