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Title Use of a Website Questionnaire as One Method of Participation in a Physician Survey
Author Olson, L., Srinath, K. P., Burich, M. C.
Source American Statistical Association, Proceedings
Year 2000
Access date 26.02.2006
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Abstract In an effort to enhance response rates on the Survey of Colorectal Cancer Screening Practices, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, website versions of the questionnaires were offered to sampled physicians, along with mail, fax, and telephone versions. Primary care physicians and physician specialists in this national study were offered the opportunity to choose their mode of survey participation. The sampled physicians were sent an advance mailing with a fulfillment card on which they could indicate whether they would like to participate in the study by mail, fax, telephone, or Internet. First, the demographic characteristics (age, gender, race/ethnicity) and practice characteristics (specialty, practice size, practice type, and geographic location) of physicians who chose the website option will be compared with the characteristics of physicians who participated using the other modes of mail, fax, and telephone. Second, the survey responses of physicians completing the website version of the questionnaires will be compared with the responses of physicians participating by mail, fax, or telephone, with respect to such data quality measures as completion of a final openended question. Third, physicians completing the website option were asked about their experience with this mode of participation with respect to ease of use, whether they would have participated in the absence of an Internet option, and prior experience in completing website questionnaires. This assessment will provide insight into the viability of this new mode of data collection, particularly in studies involving physicians. The National Cancer Institute's Survey of Colorectal Cancer Screening Practices, a list sample survey, took advantage of the Internet option in an effort to achieve high response rates among primary care physicians and specialists. This paper presents a profile of the physicians who participated using the Internet version, some indicators of the quality of the data collected via the Internet, and these physicians' reactions to the Internet version
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Year of publication2000
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings

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