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Title Determinants of Response Rates of Online Surveys - The Anita Effect - Results of a Joint Project
Year 2006
Access date 03.09.2006
Abstract There have been many discussions and articles about the response rates of online surveys. To probe the coherence between all possible factors will be a long-term but interesting research project. We want to present the results of a joint project concerning only one aspect. The market research department of Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg observed that within a male dominated business the response rate was higher, if the sender of a survey invitation mail was female. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to probe this effect - called "Anita-Effect" - scientifically because of the existing business environment. A talk between Stefan Althoff and Prof. Bernard Batinic at the GOR05 in Zurich was the starting point of project four persons were involved: - Victoria Greif worked for her diploma thesis at the above mentioned effect - Prof. Bernard Batinic was her tutor - Bodo Griel as institute researcher made the empiric tests within the online panel of webfrager - Stefan Althoff consulted the project . It's the aim of the presentation to show the results of the project.
Access/Direct link Conference homepage (abstract)
Year of publication2006
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
Full text availabilityNon-existant

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