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Title Attitude Measurement in Phone and Online Surveys: Can Different Modes and Samples Yield Similar Results?
Year 2006
Access date 24.09.2006
Abstract In this paper we compared data obtained from RDD telephone surveys with web-based surveys using a volunteer opt-in panel. In Study 1, we examined data collected by The Harris Poll in parallel online and phone surveys across a number of years. Study 2 compared data obtained with parallel online-phone surveys in a single month. In both studies, we found that the results obtained online (both weighted and unweighted) were significantly correlated with results obtained by phone, so much so that the correlation was comparable to that which would be obtained with two samples from the same population using the same mode of measurement.Though the correlations established that the order of meanswas relatively invariant across modes, we found that theaverage online mean was significantly lower (about 5% ofscale range). We then examine some reasons for the obtainedsimilarities and differences.
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Year of publication2006
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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