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Title Web application of Antonucci’s hierarchical approach for measuring social networks
Year 2006
Access date 24.09.2006
Abstract In Antonucci’s approach emotional criteria are used for selecting alters from the respondent’s global network and placing them into three hierarchical circles that are graphically presented to the respondent. The respondent (ego) is at the center of the three circles. The more central the circle, the closer and more important are the people (alters) within it. The technique begins by asking the individual to look at the diagram of three concentric circles, with a smaller circle in the center containing the word 'You'. Respondents are asked to fill the circles and name as many alters as they want along the three criteria of importance. Ordinarily, this approach is used with paper and pencil data collection technique. Application of similar situation to Web questionnaire poses several questions, which we addressed using two-step qualitative evaluation techniques. In first stage, eye-tracking was used to study which areas of Web page were seen and in what ordering (picture of personal network, survey question, answering instruction). In the second stage, cognitive interviews were used to evaluate what problems respondents encountered while filling-in the questionnaire without interviewers help.
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Year of publication2006
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