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Title Flexibility of FOMM (Flexible Online Mixed Methods Design with a Feed-back Loop)
Year 2006
Access date 25.09.2006
Abstract Most mixed-methods research designs rely on a specific combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches, tailored to the corresponding research problem in a single study. Often, these mixed methods designs are limited to a fixed sequence of qualitative and quantitative approaches (e.g., qualitative interviews followed by a survey or vice-versa). This limitation historically arises from time, costs and logistic restrictions. As an alternative, we develop an extension of the fixed mixed method designs by introducing a flexible feedback-loop so that more phases can be combined in a flexible order. In practice, such designs are only enabled within an information-communication technology environment, where on-line respondents are readily available for immediate participation. An online experiment, combining interactive series of web surveys and online focus groups, was performed to compare this approach with standard two-phase mixed methods designs. The costs, timing, results and experiences of researchers were systematically evaluated. The proposed approach proved to be very beneficial.
Year of publication2006
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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