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Title Internet Marketing Research: Recources and Techniques
Source McGraw-Hill
Year 2003
Access date 06.04.2007

Addresses the critical concerns of every market researcher on data collection, including source and website reliability and validity, the issues and legalities of user privacy, consumer protection, data security, intellectual property, fair-use, trademarking and copyright. Details how Internet tools can be used to locate information from government, universities, corporations, industry associations, and data providers globally. Researchers can use Net discussion groups, conduct market surveys, search through thousands of online journals and magazines, capture demographic, statistical, and behavioural data from a company’s Internet traffic, and run split-run tests of advertising concepts, package designs, and pricing ideas. Examines the nature of Marketing Research on the Internet, from sources of research data, data preparation and analysis, and the presentation of research results, to ethical issues. The range of research tasks that can be performed (gathering personal, environmental, consumer and competitor information) is also explored, as well as research tools such as email, search and meta-search engines, searchbots, knowbots, cookies, server log files and analysers. Includes chapter objectives, chapter summaries, discussion questions, and hundreds of websites to help researchers locate data that will shape marketing strategy.

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Year of publication2003
Bibliographic typeBook
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