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Web Survey Bibliography

Title The Social Science Web Survey System: Moving from 2.0 to 3.0
Source The International Field Director’s & Technologies Conference (IFD&TC), May, 21-24, 2006, Montréal, Canada
Year 2006
Access date 20.04.2007

Web-based survey systems have been around since the 90’s, when technology companies found that they could apply their knowledge to the field of survey research, and greatly speed up the survey data collection process. These systems (which I have coined Web Survey System 1.0) were rudimentary, frequently home grown, and commonly ignored survey methods knowledge in applying questions and answers to the Web. The following document contains a detailed list of capabilities and features for a hypothetical Web-based survey system. In 2006, we have arrived at a time where the proliferation of Web-based survey systems has created a market where the base capabilities for conducting Web-based surveys are now a commodity. Placing a question on the screen and collecting data can be done by all. These commodity features are what I am calling Web Survey System 2.0 (WSS 2.0).

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Year of publication2006
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