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Title Survey Research Using Cell Phone Samples: Important Operational and Methodological Considerations
Year 2007
Access date 24.05.2007

Over the last few years, Arbitron has conducted three large-scale research studies in which we called respondents on their cell phone. In these studies, more than 68,000 cell phone numbers were called. We sought to identify cell usage levels, personal demographics, and household characteristics as well as to determine whether cell-only respondents would participate in Arbitron's 'Radio Ratings' survey. Throughout these studies, we varied monetary incentive amounts and calling procedures so that we could estimate the effects of different methodological approaches. We discerned which incentives and strategies worked best while acknowledging the private and sometimes costly nature of cell phones as well as the legal issues with regard to calling cell sample. We discovered that the 'tried and true' calling protocols related to landli  sample were not always appropriate when calling cellular phone samples. For example, we assessed the most successful times to reach respondents on their cell phone, what attempt number was most effective for leaving o voicemail rnessage, and the number of rings needed to properly disposition certain calls. Also, we developed CATI scripts tailored to cell phone sample that worked effectively for many types of respondents. The paper presents these strategies and 'lessons learned/ which are critical to establishing calling strategies that aid in effectively managing research projects that involve cell phone sample- Furthermore, findings from these large-scale research studies provide much insight as to the most effective methodological approaches for Improving contact, cooperation, and response to cell phone surveys.


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Year of publication2007
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Web survey bibliography - The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 62th Annual Conference, 2007 (48)