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Title Keeping up with the "Now Technology": Communication on Respondents' Own Channel
Year 2007
Access date 29.05.2007

Arbitron, Inc. has developed an electronic personal meter known as the Portable People Meter (PPM). The PPM is designed to automatically detect audio exposure to encoded radio and TV signals. The PPM represents the passive of a panelists media choices. We simply require that panelists wear a pager-sized device everyday from the time they rise to the time they retire for sleep in order to measure the media they are exposed to. This presentation will include data from panels in Houston, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We will explore the successes and limitations of implementing newer communication initiatives. The concept of "Now Technology" includes Cellular phone only use, Text Messaging, Email Communications and Interactive Web site usage. The introduction of these initiatives is designed to help Arbitron coach and communicate more effectively with the respondents and panelists who ultimately provide the valuable data that serves the marketplace. A communication survey was administered with panelists to learn about their preferred methods of communication. The results of the communication survey along with other analysis provided the bases for implementing some of the "Now Technology". These results are particularly interesting when viewing the communication preferences of different age demographics such at the 18-24 yr panelists (A special analysis review of the participants 18-24yrs will also be presented and discussed). A baseline measure of the panelists’' performance was token prior to implementing these new communication options. This presentation will reveal if not rates improve as a result of implementing these new options. Does providing communication on panelists' own channel yield any significant improvement in performance? Do panelists use these "Now Technologies" options more than the conventional communication methods? The answers and other Informative details will be provided concerning how implementing "Now Technology" supports best practices of methodology.


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Year of publication2007
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