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Title Effects of Offering Web Questionnaires as an Option in Enterprise Surveys: the Swedish Experience
Year 2007
Access date 16.03.2008
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In 2005 and 2006, Statistics Sweden made major eff orts to off er web questionnaires as an option for data providers in more or less all enterprise surveys. Th ese web questionnaires were designed with our newly developed tool for standardized web questionnaires. In the autumn of 2006, a number of follow-up studies were planned to evaluate the results, in both qualitative and quantitative ways. Qualitative followups focused on both respondents’ reactions to web collection as an option and reactions regarding the functionality and usability of the standardized web questionnaires. Quantitative follow-ups focused on take-up rates, data quality, and diff erences in eff ects between diff erent types of surveys. We will present a summary of the fi ndings.

Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings