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Title What constitutes adoption of the Web: A methodological problem in assessing adoption of the World Wide Web for electronic commerce
Source Journal of the American Society for Information and Technology, 35, pp. 217-218
Year 1998
Database ProQuest
Access date 24.05.2004

Methodological developments are discussed in a project to assess the adoption of the Web by publishers of business information. The total project looks at the extent of adoption among the general population of business publishers, characterizes adopters and non-adopters, analyzes the rate of adoption among adopters, and surveys the nature of adoption. A methodological task associated with characterizing the nature of adoption is addressed. Preliminary research indicated considerable variations in the use of the Web by business publishers and the need, therefore, to develop a typology that would characterize the nature of use that constituted acceptance of the knowledge on a relative basis. An approach is described that was used on a sample of 20 business publishers. Variables included in developing the clusters included factors such as source of revenue, relationship to former publications, and extent of tailoring.

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Year of publication1998
Bibliographic typeJournal article