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Title Current Issues Survey Report, 2008
Source EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 31, 2, pp. 14-30
Year 2008
Database ERIC
Access date 14.08.2008

This article presents the ninth annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey results, which show a good deal of movement among the most critical challenges facing campus information technology leaders in 2008. Thirty-two percent (589) of 1,845 EDUCAUSE primary member representatives responded to an e-mail invitation to complete the web-based survey in December 2007. Survey participants were asked to check up to 5 of 31 issues in response to each of four questions. Each year, the Current Issues Committee tries to develop a survey instrument that balances issues across time with (a) emerging, less-relevant, and receding issues; (b) converged issues that no longer make sense to separate; (c) split issues that are too complex to continue as one; and (d) changes in the evolving IT nomenclature. The changes to issues and subtopics for 2008 that the committee introduced are presented. Brief profiles of the top-ten current issues that IT leaders say are the most important for their institutions to resolve for strategic success are also presented.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeJournal article
Full text availabilityAvailable on request