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Title New survey strategies for radio: the RFM’s “Ouvinte Mais” case study
Year 2008
Access date 19.11.2008

This paper is based on a empirical study conducted all over 2006 to understand new forms of radio and music consumption within Portuguese radio listeners. Our goal was to evaluate the importance of call-in surveys in radio programming, as well its evolution to new survey methodologies using digital platforms. We have developed an new approach to data gathering, using an online listener panel. This panel is composed with the listeners of the most listened radio station in Portugal: RFM. This radio station has around one million listeners all over the country and last year, changed the “call out” method in to an “in mail” method, which is based on an online panel. This panel is an ever growing one, and had, by the time we developed our study five thousand listeners (today, has already duplicated that number).Our main objective is to present information gathered on this issue in different countries, especially United Kingdom and United States, which we will confront with the results of the inquiry that we have applied to RFM’s on line listeners panel, presenting the innovative investigation method that the station developed in Portugal.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

Web survey bibliography - 7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (23)