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Title Understanding the decision to participate in a survey: motives for refusal and preferred forms of contact
Author Álvarez, R. M., Sevillano, V.
Year 2008
Access date 07.01.2009

Currently, conduct surveys become a difficult task. Two factors, among others, should be considered: an important decline in survey response (i.e. Goyder & Leiper, 1985); and a respondent’s improvement in the knowledge and increased experience with surveys. One way to explore these factors is questioning about surveys via surveys. In the tradition of “surveys on surveys” (Goyder, 1986; Sjoberg, 1955), the Spanish Sociological Research Center (CIS) has developed a project which conducted three surveys question respondents about attitudes and behaviors related to surveys in February 2007. These three surveys differ in the mode of questioning: by personal, by telephone an by internet. The same questions were asked of three modes. Although these surveys question several aspects about social perception of surveys, in this presentation we mainly focus on motives for refusal and preferred forms of contact. Results are discussed in the light of problem of “professional respondents” (Goyder, 1986) and the respondent’s preference for the mode of surveying that the respondent is experiencing (Groves, 1979).

Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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