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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Modern Telephony, the Web and Survey Management
Year 2008
Access date 07.01.2009

This paper deals with some changes in the organization of data collection that have been made possible by modern telephony combined with Web-centric soft ware. Two themes are developed: 1) the use of integrated “virtual call centers” operating

from several countries around the world as well as from interviewer homes in the U.S. This technology allows survey managers to easily integrate interviewers from around the world into an integrated, managed data collection effort. 2) The use of cell phones to conduct Web interviews either as intercept surveys, such as exit polling, or as a replacement for laptops in CAPI surveys within the context of multi-modal surveys. The discussion will include a description of the support infrastructure to execute these data collection strategies – a system that operates over the Web offering a software-as-a-service approach that integrates multi-lingual survey authoring, data collection, data management, data documentation and data dissemination.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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Web survey bibliography - 7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (23)