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Title Surveying Cell Phone Numbers in the United States
Year 2008
Access date 05.05.2009

How to handle cell phone numbers has become a major concern in telephone surveying in the US. This roundatble will discuss key issues in coverage, sampling, nonresponse, measurement, and weighting that affect U.S. telephone surveys that reach cell phone numbers, especially surveys meant to sample the general public with an RDD frame. We also will discuss unique legal and ethical issues that come into play when reaching U.S. cell phone numbers, compared to what happens when dialing U.S. landline numbers. In addition, operational considerations (including cost implications) will be included in the discussion. The information presented at the roundtable will include updates from new research and thinking since the publication of the December 2007 special issue of Public Opinion Quarterly on “Cell Phone Numbers and Telephone Surveying in the US.”

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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