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Title Will a "Perfect Storm" of Cellular-Linked Forces Sink RDD Sampling?
Source The American Association for (AAPOR) 59th Annual Conference, 2004 & WAPOR 57th Annual Conference, 2004
Year 2004
Access date 11.05.2009

The future validity of RDD survey sampling of the general public is highly uncertain due in part to the challenges being created by cell phone proliferation and technology. This presentation will put the cell phone problem into perspective, juxtaposition with other major challenges, including respondents' decreasing willingness to cooperate, and the DNC-list threat. A vision will be articulated of the circumstances under which RDD telephone survey sampling can be expected to remain viable in the coming years. It is not expected that it will remain viable as a stand-alone sampling methodology, except in limited instances.

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Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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