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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Use of a website to evaluate quality of work-life and quality of life among community workers helping persons with drug problems and homelessness
Author Dupuis, G.
Year 2008
Access date 05.06.2009

Quality of work life (QWL) and quality of life (QOL) are two dimensions that should be evaluated when one wants to look at the impact of working with particular social groups presenting very difficult problems. This study evaluated 135 street workers with the Quality of life systemic inventory (QLSI ©) and the Quality of worklife systemic inventory (QWSI©) using a website ( The website provides an audio guide that helps the users going through the questionnaires. Each item is written and read to the user. The web also allows presenting the items in a more interactive way using icons and dials compare to paper and pencil questionnaires. The user’s answers are automatically « sent » to a data base containing over 2000 workers of many different types (health professionals, managers, policemen, firemen, teachers, etc.) originating from Canada (Québec), Belgium and Switzerland allowing therefore, interesting comparisons. Profiles of QWL and of QOL are provided to each participants and group profiles are provided to the community institutions that have participated to the study, to help them targeting work-life domains that may necessitate interventions to prevent burnout or psychological distress among the workers. One limit of the instrument reside in the fact that a “contact” person must be trained to explain the procedure to the users before they can go to the website and fill the questionnaires. Users must have high speed connection and speakers. The presentation will focus on the discussion of the profiles and on a demonstration of website functioning.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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Web survey bibliography - 7th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (23)