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Title Using mobile phones to measure TV-broadcast quality
Year 2009
Access date 12.06.2009

Since 2003 the Danish Broadcasting Corporation has conducted online surveys within our panel. The panel is used for measuring to what extend our audience experience quality in our broadcasting. When panelists are invited to participate in a survey they are asked three days in advance to see the broadcast and after the broadcast have ended to fill out the survey. The survey is then open for a period of three days.

In some cases it could prove to be more important to get the immediate reaction on a TV broadcast especially when it comes to entertainment shows. Therefore we did a research project to see how completing a survey on the web would differentiate from completing it on a mobile phone instead. Our hypothesis was that the panelist would complete the survey immediately after the broadcast and the results would reflect that in terms of favouring more emotional value-laden words.

We conducted a test research on the entertainment show Talent 2008 (in english: Denmark’s got talent). When panelists fill out the establishment survey they are asked if they would be interested in receiving surveys on their mobile phones. Among those accepting that we drew a sample of about 2000 panelists. The sample was split. One half would receive the survey by web and the other half would receive the survey on their mobile phone.

In total 806 (80,6%) answered on the web and 213 (21,3%) answered on the mobile phone. The study showed that most panelists completed the survey during or just after the broadcast on the mobile phone where as on the web the survey was continually completed during the next three days. The study also showed that more emotionally value-laden words were selected by the panelists using their mobile phone.

A week after shutting the survey down, we invited participants to tell us about their experience. We learned that knowledge about price and mobile internet in general would stop a lot from participating in the survey.

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