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Title The Multi-Modal Future of Mobile Research: A Holistic Viewpoint
Year 2009
Access date 16.06.2009

Mobile research is often referred to as a new survey mode, but it is much more than that. Modern mobile phones combine telephony with wireless data communications and powerful computing hardware to provide unprecedented ways for humans to communicate. Mobile research is about leveraging the mobile phone to capture consumers` attention, regardless of what mode of communication is employed. People are increasingly on the move, making them more difficult to reach. The face of consumer feedback is changing: many people will provide feedback that is in context while they are at a particular location, while others will opt-in to research panels where they can provide feedback on their own time. Mobile communities will form their own feedback loops through various social networks, and completely new research methods will emerge. In all cases, consumers will choose when and how they provide feedback. The role of mobile research is to make it easy for people to provide this feedback in a way that is personal, contextual and available - anytime, anywhere.

This paper will focus on predicting the future of mobile research, through the eyes of a mobile research pioneer who has spent the past 17 years living and breathing mobile survey technology. Following a brief overview of current and emerging trends in mobile technology adoption, Mark will challenge delegates to take a holistic view of mobile research, and to gain an appreciation for the full impact of an increasingly connected global population. Benefits and challenges of various survey modes will be discussed, including telephone, web, SMS and other ways to reach people in a mobile setting.

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