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Title A multimedia-based and time-sensitive interactive web survey for road user opinion on traffic condition
Year 2008
Access date 05.08.2009

Web Survey has increased in popularity because of its convenience, ease of use, low cost, and quickness in knowing the result of a survey in real time. Web survey is widely used to gather user opinions on various purposes. However, most such systems are plain-text, and sometimes with a few graphical images. This paper presents an innovative Multimedia-Based and Time-Sensitive Interactive (MTI) Web Survey to collect user opinions on the traffic condition. Open source development tools and emerging web technologies, such as PHP and AJAX, are used in implementing the system to achieve event-sensitive user opinions. This MTI web survey, though presented and illustrated by using road user opinion on traffic condition data, is a general technique that can be applied to any time-sensitive data collection. The usability testing on MTI web survey was also conducted to gain insights on usage issues and the results are discussed.

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Year of publication2008
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations
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