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Title Implementation of a reaction time tool for brand measurement at Swisscom
Year 2009
Access date 14.08.2009

In 2008, Swisscom developed a new brand positioning and appearance, which has been launched in March. Basis for the new identity was a model of generic emotions or motives, as used in Neuro-sciences nowadays. In order to capture implicit knowledge about brand values, which customers associate with Swisscom and other brands, we started to experiment with reaction time measurement (RTM). Instead of asking customers to use scaled judgements like “how strongly they agree to Swisscom being innovative”, respondents have to use two computer keys to accept or not accept the connection between the words Swisscom and Innovation. The times between displaying the words and the customers’ reaction by pressing the button, are recorded.

Basis for our trials was the Swisscom owned online panel Intervista, which allowed us testing different methods in a cost efficient way. In our first test of RTM, we worked together with a consultancy with good experience in Neuro-psychology. We simply applied their operationalization (a fix set of key words) of the model. In several quality and method checks, we found out, that:

  • In general, the RTM provides relevant results.
  • However: lengths and complexity of key words have influence on reaction times, and
  • too many key words increase complexity of analysis and comprehensibility

Since we wanted to exploit the methods in other research studies, we asked our provider for online surveys to program our own RTM software. The goal behind this was to establish a standardized and fast method for pre testing advertisements especially regarding to brand compliance. This allows early adjustments and thus reduces the risks of lauching a campaign, which transports the wrong image.

In the meantime, the tool has been used many times for pre- and post-tests of ad campaigns, brochures and also after touch point visits of customers.

In the presentation, we will show, how the customers experience the interview, give examples of a pre-test and show, how the results of the study have been used to improve the communication measures according to our new brand values.

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Year of publication2009
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