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Title Advertising Effects of Online Video Ads
Author Wolf, M., Schönfeldt, J.
Year 2009
Access date 14.08.2009

Online videos become increasingly popular among internet users. According to the latest study run by ARD/ZDF, moving web-pictures are watched by 24% of German Internet users at least once a week. Other countries' ratios are even higher. Consequently, Online Video Ads are considered the next big thing by the advertising industry. Although the market for Online Video advertising grows rapidly, there are few insights on the effects of this format compared to established web-advertising formats. Most studies concentrate on comparisons with static banners or deliver basic recommendations on technical framework. Studies enlightening to-dos and caveats of video ad creation from TV material are mostly missing.

An experimental study conducted by facit digital and a major German publishing-house explores advertising effects of different forms of Video Ads. Results show the experiment-based research process from 33 systematically varied videos to precise recommendations on ad composition.


  • outline the current state of research
  • develop an online survey methodology for exploring advertising effects of Online Video Ads
  • identify the impact of different video characteristics (composition, communication objective, interaction, placement) on advertising effects
  • deduce factors of successful Online Video Ads via multivariate analysis


Based on the findings of desk-research, an experimental online survey approach is developed. The survey explores the impact of different characteristics of Video Ads on advertising effects. As stimulus material, we produced Video Ads of real brands clearly differing in defined characteristics (composition, purpose, interaction and placement). These clips are presented in an online questionnaire simulating real internet usage. Afterwards, advertising effects are measured (recall, brand aspects). Additionally, socio-demographic facts and online behaviour are surveyed to measure their impact.

The special challenge of this study lies in systematic variation of video material, provoking clear effects in subjects' attitudes. The research design is a challenge, keeping video factors and brands mostly independent and exploring selected interactions between human factors, ads and passing of time.

The conference presentation gives detailed insight in the methodology of measuring advertising effects of Online Video Ads and shows exemplary results regarding the conclusion of recommendations. The presentation will also offer space and time for discussion.

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Year of publication2009
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