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Title Usability of Mobile Surveys
Author Tarkus, A.
Year 2009
Access date 18.08.2009

The mobile age has arrived, which has opened an amazing amount of new possibilities. Alongside SMS and MMS surveys, the survey via WAP (wireless application protocol) is one of those new and innovative methods: a web survey is answered on a mobile handset.

In particular in the context of new products, in addition to flawless technical functions, it has become increasingly important to provide user-friendly handling and enable a satisfying experience for the user to ensure the long-term success.

Therefore, in this study the usability and user experience of WAP surveys were investigated. The application was evaluated in respect of common validated usability-relevant guidelines and as well standards from market research were implied. Alongside the experiences and information which were collected when conducting surveys in the field and in research studies for clients, also insights from a focus group and research projects with students were incorporated.

For the users of mobile surveys an easy and quick access to the survey is important. Besides, information about topic, costs, duration, incentives and the awareness of the sender play an essential part in this early phase. Within the survey, simple navigation, consistency and short error messages are relevant points.

Concerning the context of use the potential of mobile surveys is seen in the joy of use and independence in respect of time and location. Finally, pretesting from a stage as early as possible is a crucial aspect to enhance user experience.

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Year of publication2009
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