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Title THE READERSHIP CURRENCY: DUTCH DESIGN How a new methodology for AIR measurement opens up new perspectives
Year 2007
Access date 21.09.2009

The instability of the Dutch readership data in the past few years and the desire of the advertisers and agencies for greater accountability of print media have forced the Dutch national readership survey to search for better solutions.Two major changes were tested and introduced in the Dutch national readership survey in the past year:


although still using a mixed mode fieldwork, the sample is not predominantly recruited from the on-line access panela random probability sample


The results of the validation study of the specific issue readership method will be presented, together with the analysis of the differences between Specific Issue Readership and Recent Reading method. New possibilities this method brings for the indepth analysis of readership will be discussed. Finally, the first official readership figures based on the specific issue readership method will be shared with the Symposium delegates.

specific issue readership is used instead of recent reading for measuring average issue readership

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Year of publication2007
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