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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Web as questionnaire designing tool: Is there a limit?
Year 2002
Access date 26.05.2004
Abstract Paper deals with Web as a tool for designing survey questionnaires. Web surveys offer an instant insight into results and an easy evaluation of survey questions for broad target groups for lower costs and in less time as alternative modes. Usually, a sufficiently large number of responses can be easily obtained using unrestricted self-selected Web surveys or surveys on users from volunteer opt-in Web panels. These Web surveys may not give representative samples for survey estimates but are nevertheless adequate for the questionnaire design stage. We demonstrate that Web suffices for the majority of work in stage of questionnaire design. In particular, we found out that Web questionnaires are suitable for the following three aspects: 1. Finding the optimal answers for close-ended questions by asking open-ended questions. 2. Measuring time for each survey question as indicator for badly worded questions. 3. Using “think-aloud” procedure for testing survey questions. We present an example for each of the above aspects. Data are taken from the RIS 2001 Web survey (Research on Internet in Slovenia,, University of Ljubljana). We distinguish between less and more experienced Internet users in order to control the possible effect of “Internet experience”.
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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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