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Author Green, M.
Year 2007
Access date 21.10.2009

In the past, the analysis of television, radio, and magazine interaction has typically been conducted at single points in time or through correlating viewing, listening, reading and purchasing from four independent studies, or through self reported general surveys like Simmons or MRI. These analyses have also tended to be done at the vehicle level, not at the advertising schedule/exposure level. Today, however, using Project Apollo single source data, new insights are possible mining the interaction between electronic measurement of television and radio, online surveys to capture magazine readership of specific issues, and electronically-scanned purchase data at the respondent level.

Tied to the sales data that is collected from the Homescan panelists or through surveys for non-Consumer Packaged Goods categories, Project Apollo allows the evaluation of the media imperatives or cross- media usage for specific purchase defined marketing targets. Project Apollo will provide a clear view on whether there is a greater opportunity for magazines to garner share for these targets.

Further analyses allow for the evaluation of the interaction between media and sales. Direct measurement of this interaction is the key to understanding how effective each medium is relative to potentially different strategies.

This paper will provide an overview of Project Apollo, with details on its magazine measurement. It will then use two masked brands in a blended case study to tell the story of the single source data in planning. Before closing, the paper will discuss methods. How old methods are being used in new ways; and how new methods are evolving out of the data.

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