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Title Using the Available On-line Secondary Data in Education and Research Practice
Year 2009
Access date 28.10.2009

Nowadays the secondary data sources (especially surveys with free on-line access to raw data like in Poland: Social Diagnosis, but as well on European level: ESS, SHARE or international one like VWS) - they are used not only in teaching (ie. for students of social sciences disciplines like sociology and economics) but also in various areas of research. The speci c similarities and di erences of some available secondary data will be shown. But the main aim of the presentation is to answer the question how e ective for survey methodologists is to use available secondary data in teaching and research practice? It leads also to the discussion how users could via available portals of existed sources to check in standardized way their quality (i.e. based on additional technical documentation like about sampling procedure/weights). So, there will be shown advantages and disadvantages of some solutions chosen by providers of these secondary data sources available on line but also with suggestions of some possible changes which could be helpful in better using them by di erent actors in future. This whole evaluation and assessment will be based on my teaching experience in this eld along with students opinions and recommendations what could be changed/improved to use available secondary data better and correct in education and as well also in research practice. At the end, also a few interesting examples of using available secondary data will be presented (ie. in the special on-line project for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and in students papers).

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Year of publication2009
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

Web survey bibliography - European survey research associaton conference 2009, ESRA, Warsaw (31)