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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Conducting Research Surveys via E-mail and the Web
Author Schonlau, M., Elliot, M. N., Fricker, R. D.
Source Rand: Santa Monica
Year 2002
Access date 26.05.2004

The Internet is profoundly changing the way we communicate with one another. One of the most recent new uses of the World Wide Web is as a survey platform. Internet-based surveys, although still in their infancy, are becoming increasingly popular because they are believed to be faster, better, cheaper, and easier to conduct than surveys that use more-traditional telephone or postal mail methods. Based on the evidence in the literature and real-life case studies, this report examines the extent to which these claims hold true. Specifically, it analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet—both e-mail and the Web—to conduct research surveys. This report provides practical information on design and implementation for researchers who are thinking about using the Internet in their survey activities or who are planning to conduct an Internet survey. In addition to our review of the literature on Internet surveys, we base our analysis on a number of other sources, including several institutions with experience in conducting surveys on the Internet, individual researchers who have relied on Web surveys in their studies, and our own personal experiences. This report addresses three main questions that researchers face with regard to Internet surveys: • When should an Internet-based survey be considered? • What type of Internet survey is appropriate for a particular study? • How should an Internet survey be designed and implemented?

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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeBook

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