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Title Audipresse Premium: Using The Internet To Help Measure Press Readership
Author Saint-Joanis, G., Néraudau, J.
Year 2009
Access date 05.09.2010

In an era when the press is experiencing difficulties in the advertising market, AudiPresse, the company responsible for measuring press readership in France, wanted to provide editors and advertisers with a new survey based on readers from the higher ends of the social spectrum: executives and people from high-income households. The objectives of this new survey are technical as well as  operational. First and foremost, the survey needed to successfully measure the number of readers from the target audiences in accordance with the highest international standards (recruitment method, how the questionnaire was administered and how the audience was calculated). We also needed to create a tool to help editors enhance their publications and get the most out of the people who are the core business of a powerful and selective press industry.
The ultimate challenge of this survey was to bring together the two target audiences (executives and high-income individuals) which are currently separated on a merely superficial level. In fact, current communication channels, the acceleration of decision-making processes, the merging of private and public spheres, personal and professional lives, cast doubt on the separation of the “press reading” phenomenon into two sub-phenomena, a personal one and a professional one. This is why we chose to put together a single population group to whom we would distribute one questionnaire.

Once this had been decided, these strategic choices would present a number of problems including, among others:

  • Identifying the target populations
  • Defining a recruitment method which would combine businesses and households
  • Avoiding wasting time with overlapping the gathering of information for recruitment and the questionnaire itself
  • Sharing a field with a complex design
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Year of publication2009
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