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Title The Decline And Fall Of The Response Rate: The Fightback
Year 2009
Access date 05.09.2010

Readership Symposium’s on-line database. Is there really any more that we can learn or do about them? The answer has to be yes. Response rates are amongst the research industry’s most pressing challenges, especially amongst hard to reach groups such as businessmen and the young. And they are a moving target. Some ways that improve response in one market have no effect in others. For all these reasons, the Business Elite survey, which has run across multiple territories for more than 35 years and aims to speak to some of the most elusive and hard-to-reach people in any country, is an excellent place to test different approaches to improving response. Our paper will share some findings from recent experiments we have carried out with the BE samples in Asia and Europe, looking at areas such as respondent incentives, questionnaire length and appearance. We will examine results in different markets and amongst different segments of our target respondent.

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Year of publication2009
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