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Title Comparison of Paper, Web, and IVR Responses in the Veterans Health Administration Survey
Source Survey Practice, October, 2010
Year 2010
Access date 30.10.2010
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The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) All Employee Survey (AES) is a voluntary, confidential annual survey of employee job satisfaction and employee perceptions of workplace climate. Survey researchers (e.g., Stocke , 2006; Rogelberg & Stanton, 2007) recommend offering several response modes to a survey. This serves to increase participation of different demographic groups and obtain results that adequately represent them all. The practice of offering Web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and paper response options has been adopted for the AES, but the majority of respondents across the survey years consistently choose the Web (over 75% since 2004, over 90% since 2008). The AES thus can be seen as predominantly a Web survey. The data obtained in all of the three modes are combined prior to analyzing and reporting the results. The objective of this paper was to examine if respondents selecting each of the modes differed in demographic characteristics, in how many questions they answered, and in the answers they gave. 

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Year of publication2010
Bibliographic typeJournal article