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Title Attention and Usability in Internet Surveys: Effects of Visual Feedback in Grid Questions
Year 2011
Access date 28.11.2010

This chapter deals with cognition and attention in online surveys and their connection to usability. The research questions addressed are: Do standards of usability concern visual survey design? How can they be applied to survey research? In this context several heuristics or guidelines for usability are compared (Norman, 1988; Nielsen, 1993; Shneiderman 1998, ISO 9241-110:2006). Here, the importance of visibility and feedback in interactive systems is central. Self-Descriptiveness (ISO) is matched by "Make things visible" (Norman), "Offer informative feedback" (Shneiderman) and "Visibility of system status" (Nielsen). Following these ideas we conduct an experiment with matrix questions varying visual feedback techniques such as interactive color changes and graphical appearance of answer buttons. Better feedback should lead to lower item-nonresponse.

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Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeBook section

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