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Title Non-Internet Households Who Were Given Internet Access to Participate in an Online Panel: Where Do They Go From There?
Year 2010
Access date 30.05.2011

A newly established Internet panel in the Netherlands, the LISS panel, is based on a probability sample from the population register, covering the general population. This sample thus includes households thatm have no Internet connection or computer. The panel provides a computer and internet connection to those households to participate in the monthly online questionnaires. In this paper we investigate the initial and the long-term representativity of these respondents for the total non-internet population. On the basis of a combination of register data and contact data we compare non-internet households that

accepted the offer of a cost-free computer and internet access with the non-internet households who refused it. Furthermore, we investigate how much and in what way the group who took the offer starts to use the internet after been given the equipment and how that compares to households who had internet access before they were invited to participate in the panel. Finally, we look at the response behavior and attrition rates of this special group of panel members over time.

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Year of publication2010
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