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Title Internet Surveys by Direct Mailing An Innovative Way of Collecting Data
Source Social Science Computer Review, 15, 3, pp. 242-255
Year 1997
Access date 22.09.2011

This article describes a new method of collecting data by direct mailing via the Internet. Feasibility and capacities were evaluated through a worldwide opinion poll on global future risks of mankind and potential solutions. Within 1 day, a structured questionnaire was sent to 8,859 randomly selected e-mail addresses. One thousand seven hundred and thirteen were remailed properly completed, 90% within 4 days. Most respondents were residents of North America (64%) and Europe (21 %), male (87%), and 30 years old on average. Environmental destruction (52%) was mentioned as the primary problem, followed by violence (45%) and unemployment (45%). Education (71 %) was the most frequently proposed solution to future problems. It is obvious that Internet surveys at this time are not representative of the total population. However, they open new dimensions in the interrogation of experts and opinion leaders, especially considering their efficiency and potential for automation.

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Year of publication1997
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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