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Title Using Webinar Polls to Collect Online Survey Data: The Case of a Behavioral Finance Problem
Author Sahu, C.
Year 2012
Access date 28.11.2011

Data collection using respondent surveys is a common methodology used in many research projects. Increasing popularity of e-mail and internet has resulted in most of the modern surveys being carried out using these mediums. Declining response rates call for fresh methods of data collection. As a possible alternative to already popular methods like web-based and email surveys, this paper illustrates the use of webinar sessions to collect relevant data from the participants. The popularity of webinars in recent times throws up a tremendous potential in utilizing it as a data collection tool. The paper illustrates how the polling tool available within the web-conferencing systems can be used in a webinar session to survey respondents’ behavioral patterns. Using a behavioral finance problem, the paper examines an alternative to traditional methods of collecting online survey data. Although the paper uses a behavioral finance context, the findings should equally apply to any other research topic.


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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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